07 October 2013

The Colour Lens from Glasses Online

Hi readers! It has been a long time I wasn't here! I feel sorry for my disappearance and the readers who actually follow my blog. I just can't make you disappointed anymore of my stagnant blog. In some way, this post will be different from my outfit posts.  ;)

Being as a girl, we love to shop in retailer stores or online as No Doubt. Clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, skincare...... We just cant get enough, right? *chuckling As part of a wise consumer, we always seek for the worth price with quality.

For everyone who likes to online shopping, there is always a worry about the quality of the goods. This reminds me of my bad experience. I used to receive a rough finishing and low quality clothes from an online store and it really gave me a lesson.

However, there is always an exception. One day I got to know Glasses Online which draw me in online shopping again! It guarantee us the lowest price with 100% original brands and FREE SHIPPING in M'sia, S'pore & HK! I am glad that I was approached by them to try out their colour lens. Just in case you are new to this website, 

GlassesOnline offers an unparalleled selection of optical frames, sunglasses and contact lenses, with currently over 3,500 pairs of glasses and over 450 different types of contact lenses to choose from, with brands ranging from Carrera to Ray-Ban and Acuvue to GEO. 

It was a difficult moment for me to choose my favourite lens from  the numerous choices. After they placed the order for me, I was surprised to receive the lens in less than three days. The lens was in a secure parcel which was another unexpected surprise for me! Also, i would not forget to share the colour lens chosen by me !

Of course, here are some selfies to show you my fresh look after wearing it! The reason that I chose Turquoise was it wouldn't look odd on me like blue lens did and it was standing out from others colour lens!

Before and After 

Furthermore, it can enhance your eyes colour and brightness and importantly give you a new and fresh look!

Here's the close up look :)

Besides, I am searching for an sunglasses just recently for eyes protection while driving and i know that GlassesOnline would not make me disappointed :) 

There's a great news for you guys! 

GlassesOnline offers you, my readers a great deal.
 Using a giftcode GOBLOG20 to have RM20 off on any order over RM100 at the checkout. Don't miss this great deal if you are planning to buy eyewear. Hurry up ! :)

Lastly, I might want to share about this cool infographic about the evolution of sunglasses.
Have a look and have a good Monday!

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20 August 2013


Hi there readers! I am back here! It has been awhile, I knew. How is your life going on? I hope you are on you right track :)

wearing cardigan from AEON. no brand striped tank top. long pants from Topshop. Boots from Taobao. Hat from Malacca.

I kind of like this outfit, although it is not my top favourite one. I found myself look like a hipster, isn't it? *laugh* Hipster is cool and chic. Should try on those pieces which will make me a hipster. Haha. 

This cardigan was bought with a very affordable price, RM29 in AEON. I believe most of us wouldn't really shop in those supermarkets. But you can have a try, it might surprise you :) I said HI again to my hat which was frozen and rotted. :O Sometimes we should just try on some old clothes that we abandoned in the wardrobe. They shouldn't be treated like this :)  What do you think about this outfit?

16 June 2013


wearing H&M hat. blue striped shirt with black tank top. high waist red short from Berjaya Time Square and shoes from Zalora

Kinda having a strange feeling when stepping into high school, especially those who graduated more than one year. That was me. The environment has changed a lot. But those trees which grew yellow flowers were not longer exist ever, used to be our high school's attraction.

With this outfit, I went for a movie before watching a concert held in my high school. And these were taken after movie. It was a quick shot. Somemore, I never satisfy with my outfit photos. It is looking weird/dim whatsoever :/ Maybe it's just my problem- posing.

Blue always comes well with red colour. Colour Contrast :) Play with it for the outfit is fun. My tiny backpack was hiding behind, it would be even nicer if it was taken inside the photos.

Coming weekend is my semester break, which means this week is all about final exam and assignments. Hardworking please I begged myself. Any suggestion from you that can get rid of the laziness? 

30 May 2013

What I Wear Fashion Gathering, Kuala Lumpur

I can't believe that it has been another week again. Time really waits for no one. Not to mention, but JUNE is coming. It's the time for us to catch up our plan! Don't be lazy! *like me :/ 

Last month I had invited to What I Wear Fashion Gathering
I was exited that it was the first time being invited to join activity about fashion. 

Dresscode for that day is BLACK WHITE ORANGE.
Am I look like the invitation? hah

wearing hat and skirt from H&M and heels from Nose

Writing my name on the name tag.  

The blogger GANG
There were nearly twenty fashion blogger. It is my pleasure that I got to know more blogger based in Malaysia. We can inspired each others and share our thought. How great is that? Can't wait to see them on the next gathering, if possible :)  

All of us had a chance to share our opinions and ideas  on how What I Wear can be more attractive and interesting... That was the time that we started to have more conversations. 

The gathering came to the end two hours later. Wait. We hadn't taken pictures yet!!! Bloggers just like camwhoring **

Max the guy who has the mind teeming with ideas. My college friend and buddy!

The young ladies- Joanne Bernice and Yien Ting

The cool and stylish guys- Spellman and Brian

Maria Elreena Alice Nana Lisa and Shamsul 

The beautiful Indonesian gals- Joseline Diana and Charly

Lastly the group photo


Do have a visit!


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24 May 2013


wearing old baseball shirt. white pants. white cover shoes 
and orange backpack

I mean to be WHITE that day. The Korean fashion online stores are really inspired me quite a lot especially the monochrome fashion. These are my old clothes which were already being 'frozen' in my wardrobe for one year. Thank God they are defrozen finally. Not kidding. 
I always have tons of reasons for not wearing them. Like the new and hate the old . But not anymore for now.

One of my classmate told me that I look like a nurse. HA What do you think? Nurse wouldn't has a nerd glasses on face *laugh Yeap The glasses and my bag would stand out my look so that I wouldn't look pale.

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Peace YO

19 May 2013



wearing an old top. Striped pants from Zara. 
ballerina shoes from Vessini Zalora (similar here)

I always get a headache when comes to naming the new post. Some more, my English is really a "Co. Ltd." LOL From now I decided to name all of my posts using vocabulary or the meaningful word that I remember for that day. So here come the title :) 

I had been dragging this post almost one month. I guess I am the laziest fashion blogger ever. :( Back to topic, these photos was taken in my college. It is comfortable for going to school especially for the whole day class. At least I wasn't wearing heels :D

Did I mention that I really hate to wear long pants before?It is because I don't like my calf is underneath the fabric, like some creepy stickiness . "Women are fickle." It explain my situation. *laughing* See you guys again next week. Good luck

Styling tip:
Match your skinny with pointy shoes. 

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16 May 2013


wearing a tank top from 6th floor, sungei wang. 
Jeans from Berjaya TS, heels from STEP 

Time keeps flying and June is coming after two more weeks! I haven't gotten ready for it cause it is just too fast. Looking back to my new year resolutionSS, I feel so guilty for not putting much effort on them. The one that I really concern and work hard for is build my abs lol Hope I can see the result at the end if the year! (Actually it is too long, I knew)

Back to my outfit. That day I went to The Pool for supporting my seniors' collection launching. I decided to wear something casual+simple . Therefore I wore this tank top again *love** with a short jeans I bought last year. The jeans is only RM10, so cheap! And heels make everything looks GOOD! 

I will get my blog update this week again. Stay tuned! 

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05 May 2013


Voting is coming to the end... Malaysia deserves a better future. No corruption. No racism. All I can do is PRAY. PRAY to our Lord.

wearing tank top from 6th floor Sungei Wang. cropped denim pants. Pink heels from nose

What I wore to school last week. I bought this tank top with only RM15. I am so in love with it :) Matching a tank top with a cropped denim pants was a very first time to me, because I always thought that it would look mature or weird kkkk On the contrary , the outfit came out great with my super pinky heels!

Leave your comment about my outfit. :)
Tomorrow is a new start for Malaysian. God bless us!

11 April 2013

Mustard Yellow

 wearing H&M old cropped sweater. Embroidered pants. Brown biker boots from taobao. Hats from H&M
This is the look that I'm wearing to college today. For me, the classroom is like having a winter season :/ That's mean I have chances to wear something thick! I really like this #ootd cause I never wear like this before. It gives me a fresh look. =D

I can't imagine this boots was only cost me below thirty ringgit. It was the ON SALE season of the website so I bought three pairs at once @@ (Taobao is so tempting.) Recently I realized that I have to stop buying anything especially shoes so that I can save money for my upcoming trip in 2014!

So far this is one of my favorite look . Will keep my blog updated.

Love the embroidery

05 April 2013


Hey guys! Sorry for being DEATH about one month++ ! One of the reason is that I didn't feel like blogging@@ I can say its my fault (lazyness). Though, another way to explain about it is I won't blog something shit just because I want to keep my blog updating... I want a perfect post instead of some random picture with ESSAY to flood over my blog... It is a bad idea!

I am starting a new semester in April which means that it's fourth semester! Huray! And it's just a sudden I feel like I am a old senior :O Anyway, I will work hard in the following semester after gone through failure in the final :(

wearing beanie from asos.com. long sleeve sheer top. Striped maxi skirt from Myanmar market, white covered shoes from unknown and small backpack from Taobao

Planned to wear something #swag for the 1st day class. Therefore I came out with this monochrome look :) I really like this skirt cause it is good in quality and only RM15! Can you believe it was bought from Myanmar? :/ How was my #ootd? :D I hope you guys like it.


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