05 April 2013


Hey guys! Sorry for being DEATH about one month++ ! One of the reason is that I didn't feel like blogging@@ I can say its my fault (lazyness). Though, another way to explain about it is I won't blog something shit just because I want to keep my blog updating... I want a perfect post instead of some random picture with ESSAY to flood over my blog... It is a bad idea!

I am starting a new semester in April which means that it's fourth semester! Huray! And it's just a sudden I feel like I am a old senior :O Anyway, I will work hard in the following semester after gone through failure in the final :(

wearing beanie from asos.com. long sleeve sheer top. Striped maxi skirt from Myanmar market, white covered shoes from unknown and small backpack from Taobao

Planned to wear something #swag for the 1st day class. Therefore I came out with this monochrome look :) I really like this skirt cause it is good in quality and only RM15! Can you believe it was bought from Myanmar? :/ How was my #ootd? :D I hope you guys like it.


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