27 February 2013


wearing hat from H&M. leopard print blouse. mini skirt from mirrorcle Fahrenheit 88. high cut canvas shoes from Converse. sling bag from atmosphere UK. watch from Mink's  

I am alive! LOL I had been nearly one month dead. == Do you miss me? XDD Too many incidents were happen in this month and I would just skip this topic >< CNY was gone and even February! How is your progress of your resolutions 2013? On the right track or you just put them away? :/ I hope all of you still keep fighting for your goal! Yes I am on my way ^^

Back to topic. These were taken in a beautiful park called Lake Garden in KL. (A place for you to relax ^^) I already posted it on LOOKBOOK three weeks ago but update same outfit post now :/ I wonder what style should I call this time? I think that this is a cute Western style.lol

You can rock whatever complicated top with pure black skirt. The outcome is just nice! And I just can't get rid of any high cut sneakers...To look a bit feminine, I tied my hair two and wear a tiny vintage sling bag...Lastly, I want to complain that my hair colours fades to brown colour OMG Planning to dye another hair colour :)

What do you think about this outfit? Hope you like it and HYPE it!