19 May 2013



wearing an old top. Striped pants from Zara. 
ballerina shoes from Vessini Zalora (similar here)

I always get a headache when comes to naming the new post. Some more, my English is really a "Co. Ltd." LOL From now I decided to name all of my posts using vocabulary or the meaningful word that I remember for that day. So here come the title :) 

I had been dragging this post almost one month. I guess I am the laziest fashion blogger ever. :( Back to topic, these photos was taken in my college. It is comfortable for going to school especially for the whole day class. At least I wasn't wearing heels :D

Did I mention that I really hate to wear long pants before?It is because I don't like my calf is underneath the fabric, like some creepy stickiness . "Women are fickle." It explain my situation. *laughing* See you guys again next week. Good luck

Styling tip:
Match your skinny with pointy shoes. 

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