07 October 2013

The Colour Lens from Glasses Online

Hi readers! It has been a long time I wasn't here! I feel sorry for my disappearance and the readers who actually follow my blog. I just can't make you disappointed anymore of my stagnant blog. In some way, this post will be different from my outfit posts.  ;)

Being as a girl, we love to shop in retailer stores or online as No Doubt. Clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, skincare...... We just cant get enough, right? *chuckling As part of a wise consumer, we always seek for the worth price with quality.

For everyone who likes to online shopping, there is always a worry about the quality of the goods. This reminds me of my bad experience. I used to receive a rough finishing and low quality clothes from an online store and it really gave me a lesson.

However, there is always an exception. One day I got to know Glasses Online which draw me in online shopping again! It guarantee us the lowest price with 100% original brands and FREE SHIPPING in M'sia, S'pore & HK! I am glad that I was approached by them to try out their colour lens. Just in case you are new to this website, 

GlassesOnline offers an unparalleled selection of optical frames, sunglasses and contact lenses, with currently over 3,500 pairs of glasses and over 450 different types of contact lenses to choose from, with brands ranging from Carrera to Ray-Ban and Acuvue to GEO. 

It was a difficult moment for me to choose my favourite lens from  the numerous choices. After they placed the order for me, I was surprised to receive the lens in less than three days. The lens was in a secure parcel which was another unexpected surprise for me! Also, i would not forget to share the colour lens chosen by me !

Of course, here are some selfies to show you my fresh look after wearing it! The reason that I chose Turquoise was it wouldn't look odd on me like blue lens did and it was standing out from others colour lens!

Before and After 

Furthermore, it can enhance your eyes colour and brightness and importantly give you a new and fresh look!

Here's the close up look :)

Besides, I am searching for an sunglasses just recently for eyes protection while driving and i know that GlassesOnline would not make me disappointed :) 

There's a great news for you guys! 

GlassesOnline offers you, my readers a great deal.
 Using a giftcode GOBLOG20 to have RM20 off on any order over RM100 at the checkout. Don't miss this great deal if you are planning to buy eyewear. Hurry up ! :)

Lastly, I might want to share about this cool infographic about the evolution of sunglasses.
Have a look and have a good Monday!

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