30 May 2013

What I Wear Fashion Gathering, Kuala Lumpur

I can't believe that it has been another week again. Time really waits for no one. Not to mention, but JUNE is coming. It's the time for us to catch up our plan! Don't be lazy! *like me :/ 

Last month I had invited to What I Wear Fashion Gathering
I was exited that it was the first time being invited to join activity about fashion. 

Dresscode for that day is BLACK WHITE ORANGE.
Am I look like the invitation? hah

wearing hat and skirt from H&M and heels from Nose

Writing my name on the name tag.  

The blogger GANG
There were nearly twenty fashion blogger. It is my pleasure that I got to know more blogger based in Malaysia. We can inspired each others and share our thought. How great is that? Can't wait to see them on the next gathering, if possible :)  

All of us had a chance to share our opinions and ideas  on how What I Wear can be more attractive and interesting... That was the time that we started to have more conversations. 

The gathering came to the end two hours later. Wait. We hadn't taken pictures yet!!! Bloggers just like camwhoring **

Max the guy who has the mind teeming with ideas. My college friend and buddy!

The young ladies- Joanne Bernice and Yien Ting

The cool and stylish guys- Spellman and Brian

Maria Elreena Alice Nana Lisa and Shamsul 

The beautiful Indonesian gals- Joseline Diana and Charly

Lastly the group photo


Do have a visit!


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