06 December 2012

#LB + T-Bowl

Today, in the midnight, it's about FOOD and #OOTD .

Last Thursday was my officially 19th birthday. The next day, my close friend, Nikki asked me out at Sungei Wang. Finally, we decided to dine at T-Bowl concept restaurant which is located at 3rd floor. As what we heard from friends, the food of T- Bowl is really....sad (opps). So, we were gonna PROVE it :D 

Can't wait to show you their website .
Once I walked in the bathroom/toilet, I saw a pretty doll was sitting inside the bathtub. A nice scene to make you feel like being in a bathroom. For me, it is really comfortable to sit on the toilet bowl XDD 

Surrounding Level: PASS :))

Food and drinks we ordered


 Cheese baked rice with curry chicken
This one was really nice I promise!(act serious) It is so interesting when eating cheese+curry+chicken.  Chewy and smell good lol

Can I call it Mee Pattaya?? LOL I forgot its name ><
This one is not bad though! Around RM10

 Finally, we didn't forget to order SHIT as a dessert.. 

It did look like shit right..Actually this choc flavour ice-cream was different from other normal ice-cream. How? When it was melthing inside your mouth, the feeling would be different..Just two word I can tell , Ho Jiak! X))


As short, I have no idea why people said that the food is really _ _ _. (Supercilious look-.-) You should go and try.

And then...Windows-shopping time wakaka

#LB What I wore

Cap from DAISO. stripe top from Forever 21. 
short from Brand's Outlet. sandal from ZALORA

Simple top and short pant: Comfortable outfit to shop

 Vincci is having 50% sale now...So many shoes and messy :O

Another full-body photo


Use every "TODAY" to reach your goal of the year. We still have 25 days to MOVE!

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