02 December 2012

#LB Deeds, not words

It's December!! :DD This month would be a

1.hectic month for me cause I will struggle in my assignments  
2.happy month cause Christmas is drawing near!!

Stripe tank top. Black mini skirt. Dark green coat. 
Ribbon belt. Nike sneaker 

Last month I was given a digital camera from my mum. As I will try to take many outfit photos as I can )) Owning a black skirt or black dress is kind of convenient. X) It is because you can wear a colourful or messy printed top but your whole body is still looking good. For me,  I will add on a cardigan/coat/jacket . And.. do not forget to wear a cozy shoes..

Oh ya! JUMPER+SKIRT is a good idea though! fast fast check your wardrobe >>> gogogo

Have a happy Sunday and don't forget to HYPE follow...anything ;))