31 December 2012


Hey YO!! Last day of 2013, what's your plan for tonight?? Today I'm going to my friend's home party! I hope it would be fun :D

Last month I'd joined thisevent organised by my friend which collaborated with 
TOM, DICK & HARRY'S Pub & Bar in Pavilion... (lol now only I blog about it =.=) 
There were some local and oversea performers singing live there! 
As usual, I was enjoying the music and didn't take much photos :/ 

Each of us got a voucher for just RM15 which includes a bottle of SOMERSBY APPLE CIDER, CARLSBERG. Aw the apple cicer was really taste good ! You guys should try! ;DD

My dear friends at college all the time :D 

Actually I will only blog a short post for today. Will off to tidy up my bedroom and prepare to PARTY!!! Lastly, my look for that day.

wearing denim sleeveless top with milky white tank top inside. H&M balck bodycon skirt. Red Ballerina

 Yoh She was waiting for me XDD

that day I have no idea what to wear. but then I found out that Denim + Black skirt was a good idea! Suitable for casual event and wouldn't look like hobo :S

Goodbye 2012! I will love you more 2013! Here's some nice Chinese music for you 

Funny song and MV by genius Jay Chou! 
Gong gong gong gong........lol addictive

by Jay Chou again.. Filming at London. (I don't like his new hair colour :S )

BYE my 2012! Here's sth that motivate you!

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