28 December 2012

#LB The higher the better + Watson Music Festival 2012

wearing polka dot chiffon top. Nichii tank top. Kitschen hot pants. ZALORA walking sandals. Miss Selfridge sling bag. Hat from Malacca

Been long time I was not here. Thank God MY second semester is OVER and now I am having forever-one-week sem break :S I think I would retake some of the subjects cause I handed in my assignment late & my attendance was like SH*TTTT =.= 
Okay, next semester I will work damn hard on my study >< 
Please pray for me ...

I was wearing this to Watson Music Festival which was held on 15th Dec. Since nobody would recognize me there, I wore like a colourful Christmas Tree :/ I didn't even have my hair in bunches whenever I went out before though. One of my friend thought I was wearing like Roly-Poly inspired outfit... -.-''' HAHA I just like colourful stuff

Photo-story-telling session
Stadium Merdeka

Me and my four party-kaki arrived there one and half hours late. We thought we already missed so much nice music, but it just started lol I couldn't take any photo cause the crowd blocked my view. Somemore, I was enjoying the music and shaking body with my friend HAHA

B.O.B . The only artist that I took photo of .. He was playing the piano! Aww So sweet
There were also Miz Nina and Far East Movement.

From the beginning, all the crowd were totally like zombies standing there and doing nothing although music playing at the moment. But THEY made the party come alive!!! 
Far East Moment I love you!

I hope there's Watson Music Festival 2013! I would be there again :DDD

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