03 January 2013

#LB A new year 2013

Hey guys! How was your new year celebration? And have you set your 2013resolution ? 
I never and don't dare to set any cause I know I won't reach it..
but then my friend encourage me to set or I won't achieve anything !! 
So why not? Hehe.

There you go 5 big and5 small. Working towards to your small resolution which can help you to achieve the bug one!! In the end of the year,I hope you will gain something :)

well.. I am gonna show you my #ootd for the new year celebration . My brain will go blank whenever I look for my outfit.sad case....ahhh stop mumbling .. Here's the photos !

 Wearing a and red high waist shirt from Glamours, Time Square. round studs head band from Bonita. Platform shoes from Taobao.com

What do you think of my look?? :)) lol recently I am addicted to pigtails because I dyed my hair to PURLE colour! It is not a obvious colour but natural :PP

 I like it hehe BLACK + PURPLE and my stud head band <33 br="br"> 
Photos again!
 Nikki I love you hehe


Card game session!!!

Hope everyone have a good start for new year!


  1. ur hair dyed or what? that black n purple colour? vry nice!quite fashion

  2. yaya black and purple colour:DD thank you ^O^

  3. but u tight ur hair like this...not nice leh, tight like tis ur head looks like more bigger,but the hair colour seriously super duper nice