06 November 2012

One Day 'Tourist guide'

It was such a great experience and happy moment to meet my foreign internet friends. You know what This was my first time to meet internet friend in real life @@ I knew there is always a risk but I knew them in a trusted website :D

HAHAHA You are very 8 gua...XDXD SO now I spread the word ;) The website is Couch Surfing where a global network of travelers, adventure seekers and lifelong learners. Have a look and I bet you won't regret )) 

One day Elena, one of the couchsurfer sent me a couch request and would like to stay my home. Finally I approve and prepare everything. She came with her sister and two guys. At the beginning we really had serious  language barrier because each others could't understand different-accent-English. (They are Russians :D) Afterwhile  it was not a problem anymore :DD

 I like mashed potatoes made by them <3 font="font">

This guy always wanted to take funny photos with us =.=

I was being a KL tourist guide ^O^. One of my housemate, Jill was with us. And thanks Jill and Belle for taking care of them :D XOXO Great experience to walk to KLCC, window-shopping in Central Market and visit to KL landmarks which local people consider it was just boring :( I would say it is wrong. Our country is kinda pretty and comfortable (since I was back from Myanmar)

Here comes a photo-story-telling session 

 "I am thinking... thinking...."

We went to The View which is a open-air and rooftop bar.
You can enjoy sight-seeing and drinking. I wish I can hang out with friends here! 

Jam!! The only ugly view :(

After that we went to Pasar Seni area to continue exploring 

Sultan Abdul Samad Building 

See, it is pretty!

By the way we already took many photos but I was still waiting them to upload 
Once I get them I'll posted it ;D

That's all
I cant really write all the details cause I am DAMN hectic with my assignment :目

Back with food post~*


  1. wow~u let them stay in ur house!anyway~look like a nice journey^^

  2. HAHA, ya..stay in my house with my housemates :D