08 November 2012

Little things in your life

This is a small update to my blog so that my blog wont grow any grass XDD. I accidentally found a blog when searching for a magazine :D This blog, Just Little Thing is blogging about every little thing in your life that you should appreciate. I think it is a quite good blog that you can go for a visit when you get bored by your life or need to take some fresh air. 

This blog is own by Nancy Vu from US. She will update her blog by posting a picture with words. 
I found some little thing that I should appreciate :D

Exactly.. I always wear clothes and shoes that look cool but not comfortable =.=

 Yes. When doing assignment.

 Been long time I didn't lay in bed while raining.

That's right >///<

Ow..... This is too far away from me ><

That's all.
Have a nice Thursday :D 

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