13 November 2012

#LB What you waiting for

Sorry for still haven't posted about the food post XD Because I am thinking to write about my outfit post which I leave over too long... These photos were taken by end of October, at my church when it was 8th Anniversary of Chinese Young Christian (CYC) service. It was special day, so I thought of wearing some nice clothes ^O^

I couldn't make a nice pose and my friend didn't hold the camera with a nice angle >< You can see I was too short (>O<) But still... need to upload XD (I didn't upload to LOOKBOOK.nu)

Hat: H&M
Blazer ,puffy skirt and shoes : Taobao from China
Bag: Miss Selfridge

heyheyhey Actually it looked nicer in my group photos

Isn't it ? :P

1 comment:

  1. Wow! ur skirt nice~ but the blazer and hat not that suitable for this skirt..this is my opinion, hope u dont mind it =)