22 November 2012

Kuih? Kueh? Kway?

I bet you must don't know what I want to blog. XDD 
Back with food post~*
LOL Since THOUSAND years ago I said I would blog about food post . But then.... HAHAHA. So now, I really want to recommend you one of the Hokkien food I like. Let's see the photo directly first.

It doesn't look NICE but its taste NICE! Unfortunately, one thing that I must declare is these photos weren't belonged to me. I searched them from Mr.Google and it is owned by Malaysian bloggers. I don't think you want to see my one (oOo) So what? I'll force you :PP

A damn big different. 

LOL It is Char Pek Kueh. In English, it can be called friend rice stick. Now you know why did I write so many Kueh as topic. Kueh are bite-sized snack or dessert foods commonly found in IndonesiaMalaysiaSingapore as well as the Southern China provinces of Fujian and Canton. It is a thin stick which usually made from rice or glutinous rice. and very chewable. I just couldn't stop chewing because it was like a bubble gum @@

Some more

Thanks Mr.Google again~


Are you serious... Aiyo, I must proved that I did eat it before (excuseSSS)
Sorry guys, it was almost finished when I took the photo ((
This is called  Fried Tapioca Flour Noodles, another food that must be tried. It will satisfy your pity stomach hehehe... The price of the food is about RM10++.

Long-winded too much. I forgot to tell you the location of the restaurant.

It is located in Old Klang Road.  Address: No112, Batu 4.5, Jln Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.Business Hours: 11.30am-3.00am, 6.00pn-10.00pm

It is a no-named restaurant but they did put the all-time-featured food which is Fried Tapioca Flour(炒薯粉) as the significant sign. Besides, it is hiding behind the main street and near to SJK(C) Choong Wen.


Next time I will really take all of the photos using a better camera & act like a pro photographer. (Those were taken by my pity phone :O) So that you wont EWwwww again when reading my blog. :PP In the end, it was my first time to try these food because I couldn't find it within my hometown. Maybe you ate it thousand times before...So what? I think I stimulate your stomach already... Hungry?!  (ngek ngek)

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