24 October 2012

#LB I feel like I want to take a break

I am alive!!!!

Recently I am totally busy to do my assignmentSSS
And now I can rest for a while to upload my blog!
It has already more than one month that I didn't upload my Outfit photo
I know I am lazy..>< (I told you @@)

Skip the introduction! 
Here is it
(actually it was taken weeks ago)
Oh no..
I suck on efficiency :(

Hat can always make outfit looks even better ^O^

I didn't wear any really branded stuff for this look
To make a sporty look 
I tried on the hosiery with the Nike sneaker from S'pore
Actually it would be better to wear a black hat
(Now I already bought it huhoo)

Credit by Dev <3 span="span">

Will be back here soon :D

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