18 October 2012

Banana Chips!

As I said I come back with a food post!hehe*

This is a snack from Indonesia which called keripik pisang
I got a chance to try it when my Indonesia friend came back from Hari Raya holiday.
Firstly I was so curious about it when Helen asked me to try
Once I saw it I was thinking like
"Hmmm, is that nice? It looks so weird"

And YES!
After I tried one bite, I nodded my head vigorously to show that it is awesome :>
Dah dang~~
####The banana chips looks like this

Guess what 
it is not only a plain banana chip but coming with numerous flavour!
Choc, Cheese, Strawberry, Milk, Moca..............
I just couldn't forget about it after all
You know what I did?
I asked Helen to buy me two bag of B Chips when she was already go back to Lampung for the sem.break (exited) XD
I wanted to try new flavour of B.C after Choc BC
Thus I choose strawberry and cheese
Oh yah, it is the traditional food from Lampung!

Finally there was one day Helen came out with two bags of my BIG LOVE
(actually I forgot LOL)

Actually the above picture is Cheese and the below one is definitely strawberry (Yummy)
She said she bought it for me
Aw....I really appreciate about it <3 span="span">

Once I got both from Helen's hand
I opened the cheese BG first
Cant wait!

I was so exited because my friends love them too
We got nothing to do during break time so we planed taking pictures
(again XD)

As you see they were quite good in promoting.hehe
You can feel it from their faces isn't itX)

For the last photo, I joined them!
Yummy Yummy~~~

Banana Chips had made my day 

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