07 October 2012

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Gonna blog this post before 12.00pm!

Video post again!
Gonna share about the fashion show video..
It goes to Victoria's Secret Fashion show!

It is all about BRA ~~~
I just cant stop playing the videos
cause the bra design and the models are amazing!!
(I want their body figureeee~~~~~)
As I know model who wears the biggest wing in the fashion show is the main character

Let's play it!

victoria's secret fashion show 2010 Full

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 Part 1

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 Part 2

I cant link Part3-8 on here 
So you can watch it on Youtube ><

There is always a performance comes along with the fashion show
Nice music and nice body <3 p="p" xp="xp">

Being a VS model is not that an easy job!
They will go for a casting...
Only wearing bra and underwear...
Don't even think about it although you hv a super TINY tummy @@


Even though I watched already but I will watch it again to get some inspirations!!!
Bye guys!

Stay tuned for my Food post!! heyhey


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  2. Thank you for saying that!
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    Maria Ines Rivero

  4. Maria and anonymous: You are welcome :D XOXO