04 October 2012

T-ARA First Showcase in Malaysia

I had been waiting for the T-ARA showcase for FOUR months
and yet it was gone yesterday <3 p="p">

Firstly that was one thing disappointed me 
which was Jazzy Group didn't paste any big poster outside the building
It caused my friends and I needed to double confirm the exact venue
and the other people might be don't know there was a T-ARA showcase 

By the way I was really excited to see them  in the real life although they were a bit far from our seats

The showcase started on time
I was going crazy when they showed up!

Oh my Boram and Soyeon~~~
They are really gorgeous!
We even said that they are prettier than that be in the photos
and I realised that Ahreum was really cute and tall <3 p="p">

My Hwayoung...I thought I would see her when I bought the ticket in June :'(

The opening song was definitely Roly-Poly!
(Please ignore all of my screaming >///////<)

Second song: Lovey-Dovey

3. Bo Beep Bo Beep

Besides, they had chosen 2 lucky friends (No girls! :( ) to come on stage and dance!
They were such lucky fans ever!

.....(Day by Day..)

7. Sexy Love

Other T-ARA live, please visit Youtube @@

The showcase was ended after one hour
So fast right.....
Another half and hour was the High 5 session 

No Photograph No Autograph ><
Only the fans who owned the "stage access" card could get on stage to high5

The showcase was officially ended around 10.10pm

They wished that they can meet us again in the future!
I am waiting for u~~~~~