15 August 2012

Outfit to school

I am such a lazy girl
Now only I write about my outfit when I posted it on LOOKBOOK two days ago ><

 I used to hate fishnet stockings and all the black hosiery very much
and said that I never ever wear it on my legs!
You can know that how much I hate them before

but I start to change my mind when reading fashion magazine and surfing on internet
It is the extra point for your outfit (but depend k XD) 

I dont own fishnet stockings currently
So I change to black
but it still look good in this skirt 

For the top
I matched a white tank top with a light blue west
For the bottom
I wore a platform sneaker which is still the heat of this season
and what----
It gives people the illusion of height!

First of the second
 I have no idea how to match this skirt when I bought this
until I watched Sulli wore like this

 That is how I get inspiration :P

 Hype for me on lookbook
I am a new girl there :D
3rd look to go!!
Stay tune!

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  1. Your new template looked nice! Waiting to see your new lookbook outfit hehehe ^^