14 August 2012

30 Hours Famine in Malaysia 2012

It is too late to blog about 
anyway I still want to blog about it :)

There were many DIY famine camps held in Malaysia
but my friends and I chose INTI IU 30-Hour DIY Famine Camp 

After starving successfully around 24 hours in INTI
All INTI Famine Campers headed to a stadium in Shah Alam 
to countdown the last 6th hours!

There were total 21,000 participants joining this event this year
It was so much!
And this is the largest 30hours famine countdown event 
since it held 15 years ago

It was really crowded
Some of the participants even could't have a chance to enter the stadium
For me
I sat on the stairs!
But what came out from my mind was
some of the participants were here
is only wanted to see their IDOL only
which is  Leehom Wang @@

People looked like ants!

Before Leehom showed up at the last 30 minutes
There were local artists dancing and singing on the stage
Some of them really performed hard to cheer us up
It is kinda boring
We just kept sitting and watching performances for 6 hours

By the way
Hopefully all of us could come out an idea about what the poors are suffering and
How they feel
We are really really blessed

Sometimes the luxurious seem nothing to us
We dont need them
what we can do is
Dont waste FOOD!!
and to be thrifty...

I hope next year I still dare to join this event...
I used to almost fainted 2 years ago
Hunger is a nightmare!!!

Maybe we can try to adopt child via World Vision :D
If you are capable to.

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