17 June 2012

Time to take A breath

Every time before writing the main point
I will start thinking
It is quite a bother :(

This is such an amazing beach
Soft(really soft!) and warm sand

Seem like he lost himself on the beach XD

"Summer look" 

 They cant open their eyes XD

Where did we go??
Heihei, it is KUANTAN!!
I even didn't know abt the sight of ocean is so beautiful
(at least all beaches I went before disappointed me)
until I reached there :)  

 The hotel we stayed was next to the beach

At night 
you can listen to the rhythm of rolling wave on balcony
(Fortunately I was lying on a beach chair :P)
At that moment
You can feel this world is very peaceful
(Only for that moment ><) 

All of us also went to 

Entrance fee : RM 25++
It is so cheap :)

But some of the facilities is not really in good condition
I couldn't blame 
 We get what we pay for

 But this lane racer satisfied me XPXP

When driving home on the second day
We drop by at

(photo searched from MR.Google XD)

Journey when going to there was so difficult
The road is too narrow!!

We missed the performance of elephants
All we could do was watching the elephants ate food in a blocking fence

I hope I can visit more place in the future :]

Life is too short to experience all over the world >///<

Next week is the time to measure my body~~~
See if I success to keep fit LOL 
Not focus on the weight but the inch

Be honest
I am still exercise with my "great" effort :P

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