19 June 2012

Day 21 甩肉日记二十一 18/6

I am so excited to share a recipe to all of you
even though you are on a diet!

Today I made each family member of mine a cup (not really XD) of fruity milkshake
that I learnt from XueHai 
which is a weekly publication of Secondary School

Last month I cut part of the recipes from Xue Hai and collected them in a book
Here is it

There are too many type of milkshake that we can make
Just one click 
and all the dazzling milkshake(smoothie too) recipes appear on the screen

Let's have a look what I had done :)


1 Apple
1 Green apple
1 Orange
1 Passion fruit
2 spoons of honey 
1 cup of natural yogurt 
1 cup of water

After cutting the fruits into small pieces
POUR all of the ingredients into a mixer and turn on button!


It is just so easy although I am not handy (proud lol)
Ice-added is recommended ;]
And better drink this milkshake in the morning

Yogurt is such a healthy food
A study published in the International Journal of Obesity (11 January 2005) also found that the consumption of low-fat yogurt can promote weight loss (wow)
It is rich of calcium and protein as well !
Those who can't tolerate milk can try yogurt
and its nutritional benefits beyond those of milk

I would like to collect more recipes >///<

Today I was still trying my best (I ate bread with butter &choc jam, choc cake @@)
Now I want to divulge what I did to improve my body curve (shhhh~)

The searching system couldn't find it
Thus I paste the link here :D

Enjoy doing it!!!!!!!!

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