08 April 2012

Two AND Three

Guess What

They are my lucky numbers
which appear since I was born XD
There are 2 THREE in my "Birth Certificate"
and my Birthday
I got 2 and 3 again!!!
and the postcode and even the number of my house
I got Two also!!

High school admission number :06326
my member cards
1. 23023
blah blah blah

The card to clock out/in when I'm working
It is also two and three there!!

All of the number contain Two and Three
It sounds CRAZY coincidence!!!

Tell me your STORY!!

= mer mer =
these days
my legs just are pained like HELL
because standing for too long
I just hate working >.<
but BE POSITIVE right?
I can earn $$$  (brighten eyes $.$)

I just try to update my blog regularly...

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