13 April 2012

Guess what am I talking about now?

Can you guess what I said when you saw the title?
Let's think

You are predicting now
This is what i want to talk about now

We do predict everyday
But why and what should we predict?

Let say
Before we read a book
we will start to predict from its cover
and the description words
We do predict when we see a restaurants' name
we will think abt what type of food do they sell

This is a vital skill in our life

It helps us a lot in our life
it help us to see through the right or wrong
although sometime our prediction might not be correct
before we do anything
we should have predicted it 
in order to know more about what's going on

DO learn this and make it works :)


 I still cant explain well when using English since it is not my native language TT
thefore it seems bored when I wrote this
Please forgive me and I will upgrade it one day...

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