06 April 2012


These day I have been exhausted since I started my working
It is my first job 
Part-time job
I will try to get used to it
I cant let me down
because in the future 
you wont know that what will make you struggling very hard

I hadn't updated my blog for one week
I just lazy and had not enough time

Since I wrote abt THE LAW of ATTRACTION(translation of Chinese LOL) in the last post
I would like to share more

Imagine that you are a magnet
at the end 
you would attract something towards you
this is not the real THING we attract
it is our THOUGHTS

whenever what we are thinking about 
this law will obey us
it doesn't choose whether it is GOOD or BAD
and makes the best decision 
they will ONLY follow our thoughts

when you think BAD things 
the BAD things will only appear continuously
Don't you agree that?
Yes, because the evil is inside us
All we need to do is BE POSITIVE TO EVERYTHING
it will make you happier and not to be depressed

(what are you thinking abt now?)

When you focus your thought on the things that you want
pay all of your attention into it 
at this moment
you are using the biggest power of the universe 
to make things right

Don't said
"I dont want to be late" 
Your thought could just only hear that
"I want to be late"
It just skip DON'T
how tricky is it

Yeah, I start to tell myself many positive thinking
and SOME of them WORK!!!

the people around you,
you belongings
the environment
ALL of them are attracted by us
we are forever using this LAW

We can change everything in our life
Just if we change the way that we think

I'm still trying
and please don't stop to DREAM (I tell myself either)
You cant stop dreaming unless you tell yourself to STOP
NOBODY can drive you 
It's the fault of our mind AGAIN

before I wrote this
I had done some research
most of it is translate from Chinese 
I really took it serious to write on this
hope all of you who viewed this can learn something from HERE
and search from the web for more informations