05 September 2012

Nestle di sisimu!

 Nestle Malaysia is already 100th in Malaysia!
Sound like incredible for me @@

All I want to let you know is Nestle wants to hear our story related to Nestle!
Their target is to collect 100,000 personal stories from Malaysians.
Why to do so?
Because you might win a price!
There are 4 categories you can participate in which are 
Don't ever think that you need to write an essay or make a long video something
because the text must be written within 100 words , video must be made within 10MB
for photo you just need one and for twitter, you only need to write abt a sentence only!

There are so many products of Nestle and I know you must have some incredible story about Nestle in your mind!
emm, what comes out my mind about Nestle firstly is Milo!

KOKO Krunch
[It would be really awesome if all of them are milk choc flavour ><]

Kit Kat

Milk\Nescafe\ice-cream...cant even remember ==
Do some flashback about you and Nestle to be one of the winner!

The submission deadline is 30 November 2012
but there would be 7 winner for every month
I hope you will be the winner of Sep, Oct or Nov!


I only summit Twit :O

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