30 August 2012

Life in August

Today I will just simply talk about what I'd done in August
Cause tomorrow I will attend FGA God Encounter Camp in Peace Heaven nearby Genting Highlands

Last Wednesday
Loleli and I went to a shop that she recommended to me
It is a boutique which sells cheap clothes with good quality!
It is located in Fahrenheit 88

I walked around and found that the clothes were really nice!
The range of price started from around RM15-70
Nowadays it is hard to buy cheap clothes ><

Guess what
This blazer is only cost RM55
The fabric is quit nice though
I bought one from taobao.com which cost me almost RM100 (argh~~)

If you have a chance to go Sungei Wang/Pavilion/Time Square
Take some time to drop by this shop ;)

Second thing I want to blog is MY FM 14th Anniversary Birthday Bash

Finally I had the chance to go this event
Cause I've been looking forward to go there since 2008!
I didn't really excited when I was there because I didn't know who would show up on the stage@@
It was not really crowded
I could even stand in front of stage although I arrived there five minutes before it started
Here is the photos

AK from Taiwan
They looked hot >///<

DJ and dancers

DJs and Nicholas Teo who "jumped out" from Aladdin's Lamp XD

Hu Xia sang the theme song of the famous movie
You are the apple of my eyes

There were a lot of local singers who are really sing well!
one thing that I really excited was I saw Choo Hao Ren 朱浩仁<3 span="span">
I like him because he dances and sings well ^O^

And Jane Huang from Taiwan <3 span="span">

Ok, That's all for today ^^
I need pack my stuff for the camp now~~

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