01 August 2012

A field trip to fabric shops

FD studnets went for a field trip!

It is so awkward that we haven't been recognizing all the fabrics
and we just went to fabric shops
we did enjoy our time
and looked for the fancy fabrics and stuff....

They are located in SOGO area
which you can get there by taking LRT to Bandaraya Station
Shops are just opposite of the station
Dont be so worry because you won't even get lost in this area

So this is one of the fabric shop look like

Kuala Lumpur Fabric shop
What do you think about this picture?

I found that it is really exoensive to buy the good quality fabric
some of the good one are RM15++ per meter@@
So I felt like how about buy them from internet

Let's see one of the US fabric shop

New York fabric shop

I snapshot it from Project Runway season 10
I dont want to compare them
But one thing we can tell is

Here are photos taken by me as well

Everyong bought 4 meter of plain cotton for next week class
I think we will start to STEP into fabric zone very soon
Which is the disaster begin

I did hear about Pasar Seni has fabric shop too
but I have no idea where are the shops

 If you want to buy fabrics or decoration
Here is a good choice

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