02 June 2012

Piss off

Is that really hard to make decision between
Happiness and Money??

Is that really important to marry with somebody who can give you
in the future?

Can it be an excuse? to choose what I want?
Is that a care for me?
What did you say?
Oh well
All of them can keep me ALIVE in the long run

If everybody think like this
and go for it
The world should be end
fail to maintain the balance

It doesn't have any fucking relation between my job and my future husband
I don't live to hope for a marriage only
From the first second that I born
I am not exist for anybody
It is for myself

Everyone should deserve this
We have the right to choose what we want

Life is too short to chase our dream
We must die anyway
No one could be immortal
So why don't we just go for it

If it failed to work
At least
You have tried

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