08 June 2011

★Holiday Life...

This time I try to write in English
Hope that I can write the least wrong grammer :P
The 2 week semester holiday had been shorten to 1 week
because I joined two camp...
First camp is on 29-31 May (SEC) and second is 3-5 (Youth Camp)
I can say that both of them are soooo meaningful!
I had learned many experiences :D
I meet new friends, challenging, crazy dancing...
There had one incident that surprised me is
I am the best female camper in Youth Camp of INTI
actually when I heard my name I am confused@@
I am still excited now^^

"iPad" for best female camper haha!
Note book of INTI lar==

(I'm sure that you cant find me:D)
Happy moment at 2nd day

Next year I cant go Youth Camp anymore
Because I'm too old!!!

This photo took at S.E.C(夏季营)

That night was having campfire
I can only tell five of us are almost crazy!!
Sheep and I dance in front of all campers
I didn't know how brave of us at the moment!OMG

haha,actually there are still many things I want to write but I forget already...
Ah so BAD!
OK, 88!^^