13 March 2011


Today I went to education fair which is at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
actually it is not far from suria KLCC
but Merlys said that they are two different place==
I'll tell her soon XD
I took a shot with the TWIN TOWER
abt 10 years didn't go here

I'm seriously looking the details of the course
Tuition fee, Accommodation, Entry Requirement...
but the most I interested is Universty of Notthingham(sure Malaysia campus)
I know this university is extremely good really want to get inside><

Then we went to SUNGAI WANG to see a good singer-->Anthony安东尼

wow mix blood is very good XD
I'm hyped when I saw him stand at the stage
me and him so near~Can't believe!
saw his perfect face vividly...
unfortunately,The DJ and him seldom saw this side...
when Anthony is interviewed, the DJ stop my view...arggg!!!

other side,I saw 3 of my friends with surprise!!!(still have one person I didn't recognize)

I didn't know that they came into my front..
haha,so happy to see them all~~~~
although we didn't have the chance to eat 2gether~

and and and the most important incident is my English is freaking bad!!!
cannot talk with the Caucasian!!!
She talk with a faster speed...
So how can I improve my English??
I think this is the problem for every Chinese in Malaysia@@
getting hard is too late I guess but I'll try...LOL

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