24 January 2013

Long Life

Feeling sad recently...Last Sunday I received a message and was told my church friend passed away in a car accident...He was so young, so damn funny, a nice guy and a good joker.. Laughter was all around when you were with him..My dear friend, I know you won't let all of us worry you again, cause you are in another nation full with joy, embracing by the God now. :) We miss you...

We still have a long life journey to go, may all of us including me 
appreciate our lifetime...

wearing a long sleeve blouse from Esprit Outlet. Skinny from Topshop. Hat from H&M. Shoes from Taobao. Watch from Mink's. Bag from KLCC

Rarely wear long sleeve+ long pants cause feeling umcomfortable when the clothes touch the skin...This situation is excluded when cloudy or low temperature...It was kinda funny when got asked by friend if there was any presentation after. :/ This was not my style kkkkk Somemore, wore a hat and my favourite watch ever to complete the look...Oh ya, and my bag :D Tell me what do you think about my outfit...

Decided not to put <#LB> anymore in the title of my outfit post but always LABEL it~*

Happy Public Holiday!


  1. Esprit , Topshop thing not cheap d wor

  2. Hahaha, that one is from outlet..and I got discount on the skinny when I worked there :D Not really buy those expensive stuff...

  3. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  4. Great post and i love your blog :)
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  5. Hi, nice watch and nice post^^