24 September 2012

Books buying list!

I am back!
Finally I have time to blog about stuff
Final exam was gone!!!
It was just a relief! 
I am still planning for the one week holidays
(Sunday was already gone and I have no idea what to do><)
Yes! It is always one week holiday for preparing to the next semester....

Tomorrow I will go to Kinokuniya to search for these books
I would say
I want them so badly!!

 Written by Taiwanese famous blogger
This book is all about how she made afford to be XS!
She is an amazing blogger all the time!
Click my favourite blogger BOX at the right hand side to view her blog ;]

Japanese author
This book is about teaching us how to tidy up our things....
And our LIFE !
There was a big response from readers when it was new realeased
That's why I want to read it and maybe it is my lifesaver ^^
Who knows

emm Fashion Bible by Tim Gunn
He is well known as on-air mentor to fashion designers on Project Runway
It may helps a lot for my course

Can't wait for tomorrow

Next post would be my outfit photo 
Stay tuned XD


  1. Hi~ May I know, where you buy this book? 《怦然心动的人生整理魔法》:)

  2. Hello Anonymous! I bought it from Kinokuniya KLCC..
    I did search it from Popular but most of them didn't have stock!
    hope it helps!

  3. Thank you. Because I try to find Popular before, but not success.
    Kinokuniya~ but I'm not stay KL, nvm I try find other place :)

  4. You can buy it online at kinokuniya Malaysia! :DD
    hope you can get it!