24 August 2012

Inspiration of make up - KARA

Hey I'm back with a new topic; MAKE UP @@
I am still not able to teach make up
Cause I am not a pro in makeup stuff and there are so many professional around me LOL

Just two days ago KARA make their comeback of PANDORA MV.
Besides watching your favourite member,what else did you notice?

At first I didn't notice about their entire body but they were so shining in their new look =)
And it is necessary to post about it here :P

Different-noticeable hair colour with shiny eyes 
(Should we try blue colour?)
You can also see that all the eye-makeups ended up with a rising eyeliner.
This is the secret to make your eyes bigger 
like this ----> @@

Bored with your daily eye-makeup? (ME!)
Try this on!

Another snapshoted-and-combined photo by me
I hope it can inspired you
(Click on the photo to zoom in)

At the end, I would like to say I like Hara style the most ^^

Not Gangnam style!!! $_$


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