21 July 2012

Life in June 六月生活笔录

I have revived !!!

I dont know what to wrote about
so I am just writing abt my life :D

JUNE is a hectic month for me
but I really enjoyed with it!
Have you realise that it is coming of August?
What had you done on the past 6 months?

Just till now I have "some" time to write something on my blog
I started my uni (or college??) life from 3rd July
I need to be really tough b'cause I have tons of assignments!!

Before I started my college life in KL
My dear church friends and I went to somewhere to participate
Talent Contest
 We went to DEERLAND which is not that famous in Malaysia
It is located in Pahang
RM5 for entrance fee and food for animals :D

This deer was just so cute 

There are many deers!!!

Not only this
There are still rabbit, ostrich,peacock, pussycat......
I felt like being in a zoo!:D

And this visit couldn't stop our panic for dancing on the stage @@
But I forgot to take photo of us :(

You know
When every audience were clapping down the stage
They gave you courage & confidence
And you would do anything better!

In the end
the judged and the crew really made many Big mistakes
They announced that we got THIRD place in the contest
we knew our level
But they just kept saying we were(and began to find out if it was true)
Hell yeah
It was not US for sure
Third place belonged to another group
We were just NO.7!!!
It was not really embarrassing us
(at least we showed up to receive the honor 
and get our certificate of participating! :P)
but we were disappointed abt their administration

I am still keeping my plan to be slimmer
but I am just too busy with my works :(
In beginning of July
I had measured my waist
It had gone 1cm!!
It is really a good news for me
I never feel this way before >< 
Actual length will be recorded later XD

Have a nice weekend!!! ;*D


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